About Big Red, Inc.

Big Red, Inc. is one of the top 10 beverage companies in North America with a history dating back to 1937. Along with Big Red®, recognized as the number-one selling red soda, Big Red, Inc. also markets beverage brands Diet Big Red®, Big Blue®, Big Red Vanilla Float®, Big Peach®, Big Pineapple®, NuGrape®, and Nesbitt’s ® products. Distributed widely throughout the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Independent Bottlers and Pepsi Bottling Group, consumers across the country enjoy Big Red, Inc.’s beverages.

Corporate Office:

Big Red, Inc

6500 River Place Boulevard

Building 1, Suite 450

Austin, TX 78730

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What are the current Big Red Products?
We currently offer:

Big Red

Diet Big Red

Big Red Vanilla Float

Big Blue

Big Peach

Big Pineapple

Big Honey Lemonade

Big Orange

Retro Big Red
Where can I find Big Red products?
Big Red products are sold in most Wal-Marts throughout the country. Request Big Red products from your local store manager.
I am a soldier or family member of a soldier trying to locate product. How can I find Big Red while deployed?
Big Red is proud to be sold in AAFES in Kuwait and Iraq. We encourage you to contact your area AAFES representative to find more information.
Where can I find the ingredients and nutritional information for my favorite Big Red product?
By clicking on a product on Our Home Page you can find a full listing of ingredients and nutritional information.
How much caffeine is in Big Red?
One 12 oz. bottle of Big Red, Diet Big Red and Big Red Vanilla Float contains 38 mg of caffeine. Big Blue contains 35 mg per 12 oz. serving and Big Peach and Big Pineapple contain 19 mg per 12 oz. serving.
How long will my Big Red last?
The typical shelf life on our products is 38 weeks.
Do you sell Big Red Popsicles?
We currently do not sell or manufacture Big Red Popsicles. However, we encourage you to contact your local grocery store and request that they be sold.